Site Surveys & Project Management

As a licensed company, we hold information about properties which is vital to your services being delivered in the best way.

Being accredited in what we do is very important. That’s why we have all the accreditations necessary for ensuring that your requirements are met safely and effectively. Our site survey staff apply these rules and regulations to produce industry standard reports recognised around the country. If you wish to find out more about how you can benefit by having our team come and survey your site, get in touch!

We also provide project management services, a crucial part of your development. Our staff understand how to manage not just from the project commencing to ending, but before the works even start. The great advantage to this is that we manage your account from when you are still thinking about which company to go for, right until after the work has been completed and you have queries.

Every project is deal with individually and seen through to ensure a smooth job is completed with minimal downtime.